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The following article is only for GTS Customers who are hosting their own system. LXOnline users will be updated by the GTS Support Team.

If you need assistance with this process please contact the GTS Support Team to arrange a time for assistance.


The following are the System Requirements:

  • 5GHz and above Processor
  • 2 GB and above RAM
  • 10GB and above available hard drive spaces
  • Screen resolution with minimum 1280 X 1024
  • SQL Server 2005 or 2008 or 2012 or 2014 Express Edition
  • Broadband Internet access

Very Important! Before you start. Run a fresh backup of the database. In GlasPacLX go to Tools>Database Backup

Click [Backup Now] in the Database Backup window.

And wait. It may take a few minutes, or longer, depending on the size of your database. GlasPacLX will show as busy while the backup is running. The backup file is found in the Bak folder within the GTS filepath. GTS\GlasPaclx\db\Bak


Attention ADAGIO Users!

Please be sure that you move the "Account" folder and place it in a safe location before the installation. Move the folder back to the same location after successful installation.

The "Account" folder is often located in the C:\GTS folder.

Installation Process

  • Download the installer package.
  • Extract the contents of the zipped download.
  • Copy/Paste the 7.20.x build setup folder on to the desktop.
  • Open the 7.20.x build setup folder, right click on the setup_GlasPacLX.exe file and click Properties from the menu.

In the setup_GlasPacLX Properties screen, go to the Details tab and ensure the build version is correct.

Click OK button on the setup_GlasPacLX Properties window.

Right click on the setup_GlasPacLX.exe file and click Run as administrator from the menu.


Important Note: If your current version of GlasPacLX is older than 6.31, Build 4975 (6.31.4975) you will encounter the following alert:

GlasPacLX Installer has detected version of GlasPacLX that uses an old Wise installation package. You must first uninstall the old version before continuing. Follow the instructions on “How to Uninstall GlasPacLX” contained within the zip file”.

If so, click [Exit] to close the installer window. Otherwise, click here and carry on.

Uninstalling the previous version from the Control Panel

Navigate to Control Panel > Programs and Features to uninstall the older version of GlasPacLX.

Select the GlasPacLX from the list and click on Uninstall/Change.

You will be prompted to Select Uninstall Method. Accept the Default settings and click Next.

Next, you will be prompted to Perform Uninstall. Click Finish to start the install process.

Uninstall progress will be displayed.


Click the No to All button when you are prompted to Remove Shared Components.



Once the process is complete, the GlasPacLX application should not be listed in the Control Panel > Program and Features list.



Installing the 7.X version of GlasPacLX

Open the 7.x build setup folder and right click on the setup_GlasPacLX.exe file and click Run as administrator from the menu.

After a few seconds, the GlasPacLX Installation screen will be displayed.

The GlasPacLX Installation user interface allows the user to select two installation types ‘Full Install’ and ‘Client-Only’.

Select Full Install if you will be running GlasPacLX on only one computer or if this is the server where your database will be run.

Select Client-Only if this computer is part of a network that will connect to the database on another computer.

Full Install

Select Full Install, and you should see the required GlasPacLX components are checked. The green checks mean that the installer recognizes that you already have these components in place from your previous version. You should see the checkboxes selected for GlasPacLX and ComApp; these will be installed during this process. Make sure the correct drive selected in LX Installation Drive:

Click on the Install button to start the installation process.

The installer will now go through the following steps:

Register components on your computer

When the GlasPacLX application installation begins, a second window will display. Note: make sure this isn’t sitting behind the general installer window. If it is, just bring if forward.

Click [Next] to begin the installation.

Check the "I accept the terms in the License Agreement" check box to accept the License Agreement, and click [Next] to continue.

 Click on the Install button and the GlasPacLX application will start to install on your computer.

When the "Completed the GTS-GlasPacLX Setup Wizard" screen appears, click the Finish button to close the window.

The main installer window will now continue installing the Com App features.

When the install finishes, it will display the message "GlasPacLX Installation Complete".  Click the Finish button to close the installer.

Database Upsize Required

Launch GlasPacLX by double-clicking the shortcut icon on the desktop. You should be prompted with the following message. Click [Yes].

The upsizer is a program that runs behind the scenes when you update or install a new version of GlasPacLX on your system. Its function is to change the structure of the database, sometimes even moving data around within the structure.

Note: The message will indicate which version you are upgrading from and to. 

You should now be able to log into GlasPacLX.

If you have networked stations that connect to GlasPacLX they will need to be updated as well. Either download the installer package to those machines or copy the installer package from the server. Extract and run the installer as administrator.

Select Client Only and complete the installer steps, click [Install] and follow the steps to completion.





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