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The Discounts Finder is used to help locate and open the Discount Maintenance window for a specific discount in order to view or edit its details.

After specifying the search criteria in the fields above and clicking the Find Now button, use the following table to help understand the data shown in the grid.


Column Description

DiscountID Displays abbreviated ID or code for this discount.

Discount Displays the full title or description of this discount.

NAGS Price List Displays the NAGS price list selected for this discount.

Shop Price List Displays the Shop price list selected for this discount.

Tax Venue Displays the tax venue selected for this discount.


Scroll down the list to find the record(s) needed, highlight it (them), and then select one of the following options:

      Click the Edit Discount button to go to the Discount Maintenance window to edit the highlighted record.

      Click the Create New Discount button to add a discount.

      Click the Export to Excel button to export the grid to an excel spreadsheet.

      Click Print List to Print a Finder List or generate a Customized Finder List.

      Click the Delete Discount(s) button to delete the highlighted records.


Search Criteria

Discount ID - In the Discount ID field, enter the abbreviated name of the discount.

Description - In the Description field, enter a likely description of the discount.


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