How Do I Set Required Fields Follow

You can set order fields to be required. The field(s) will be flagged with a bright teal color. Users will be unable to save the order without a value in these fields.

To set up required fields go to Company>Settings>Branch Settings>Required Fields

With Required Fields selected you will be presented with an initial set of options:

Here you can set the Bill To ID field as a required field.

Make sure to select a Default Customer Type if you want to ensure required fields are employed when a new order opened. Otherwise it will wait until a customer ID is selected.


Future Required Fields

This section works in tandem with the other required fields settings (see below) Any items checked here will print on a workorder as a labeled space to be filled in by hand IF they have been set as required fields for Invoicing.

Required Fields

Expand Required Fields. The setup options are broken out by Customer Type and Document Type.


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