CSR Scripts Follow

GlasPacLX allows you to create scripts to guide CSRs through their greetings and conversations with clients and prospective clients. You can link a script to a particular customer type.

Enable CSR Scripts

To use this feature, update the security settings for you CSR security group (and of course for any other group that may need to see scripts). Company>Security Groups

Edit the group(s) that will need to see scripts. Select the Action Security tab. Scroll down and look for the checkbox for Order Entry: CSR Scripting.

Create the script(s).

Create the script as a document and then save the document as an HTML file (.htm) This can be done with Microsoft Word or similar word processing applications. Change the file format to .htm when you save.

Save the script(s) in a location on the server, probably best to save it somewhere on the same drive as the GlasPacLX install. In this case I am putting in the GTS folder.


Set the script filepath for each customer type

Go to Customers>Customer Types

In the Customer Types window there is a column titled CSR Script. Enter the filepath of the script(s) here according to the customer type. As you can see you can have scripts tailored to different customer types. If you intend to use one script for all, paste the same filepath for each of the customer types.

Finally, you can set a default script for your CSRs. Go to Company>Settings>CSR Configuration


With those things in place, a CSR should see a script when they open a new order.


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