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The Customer Finder is used to help locate and open the Customer Maintenance window for a specific customer in order to view or edit its details.

After specifying the criteria in the fields above and click the Find Now button, use the following table to help understand the data shown in the grid.


Column Description

Customer ID Displays the abbreviated ID or code for this account customer.

Customer Name Displays the full title or description of this account customer.

Phone Displays the primary phone number of this account customer.

Address Displays the Bill To Address of this account customer.

City Displays the Bill To City of this account customer.

State Displays the Bill To State of this account customer.

Zip Displays the Bill To Zip Code of this account customer.

Type Displays the Customer Type associated with this account customer.

Report Group Displays the report group associated with this account customer.

Alias Displays an alternative name, if applicaple, for this account customer.

Sales Rep Displays the sales representative assigned to this account customer.


Scroll down the list until to find the record(s) needed, highlight it (them), and then select one of the following options:

      Click the Edit Customer button to go to the Customer Maintenance window to edit the highlighted record.

      Click the Create New Customer button to add a new customer.

      Click the Export Excel button to export the grid to an Excel spreadsheet.

      Click Print List to Print a Finder List or generate a Customized Finder List.

      Click the Delete Customer(s) button to delete the highlighted records.


Search Criteria

Customer ID - In the Customer ID field, enter the abbreviated name of the account customer that. Note: Even typing in the first few letters will display a list of like Customer Names in the Customer Finder grid.

Customer Name - In the Customer Name field, enter the full name designated to an existing customer.

Report Group - In the Report Group field, enter the report group with which the account customer is associated.

Phone - In the Phone field, enter the primary phone number associated with the account customer.

Address - In the Address field, enter the bill to address (building number and street name/number) of the account customer.

City - In the City field, enter the bill to city of the account customer.

State - In the State field, enter the bill to state of the account customer.

Zip - In the Zip field, enter the bill to zip code of the account customer.

Status - In the Status field, use the drop-down menu to select the status (Active, Inactive, or All) of the customer.

Sales Rep - In the Sales Rep field, enter the name of a sales representative designated to an existing customer.

Territory - Use this field to look up and filter only those customers assigned to a specific location ( e.g., S.W. Portland, S.E. Portland, N. Portland, N.E. Portland, S. Portland, N.W. Portland, W. Portland, etc.). Enter the name of the territory that ecompasses the customer(s) sought.

Note: Territory can support up to 20 characters in length, however only 10 characters will be visible at any time in the field.
Tip: To look up customers in multiple territories, separate each name with a pipe character (|). Make sure no spaces are included.




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