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Employees Overview

GlasPacLX provides a single, easy-to-use window for setting up data about your various types of employees, such as CSRs, Sales Reps, and Installers. Keep in mind that employee maintenance is Branch-specific, in that each employee is assigned to the branch that a user with special security rights is logged into when setting up that employee, using the Employees Procedure topic.

The Employee Maintenance window serves three purposes:

  • As a convenient repository of information for contacting each employee.
  • A way to track the business activities of your employees, as they will be assigned to various Order Entry areas as CSRs, Sales Reps, or Installers handling specific orders.
  • A way to remotely assign employees to jobs within their designated branches. For example, your organization may have a user with the appropriate security rights, who can take phone calls, fill in an order form, and then assign other employees within that user's branch jurisdiction to complete the order form as well as perform the installation.


You need to know the following information before you can set up your employee data. (You may want to print this topic.)

  • Determine the branch(es) to which you want to assign employee(s). Each employee can only belong to one branch.
  • The employees job titles (CSR, Sales Rep, or Installer).
  • A consistent employee identification format of your choice (e.g., employee numbers, first names).
  • Full names and addresses (at work and at home) for all of the employees you are adding.
  • Which phone number to put in the PRIMARY field and which other phone numbers to record.
  • Telephone and fax machine numbers (as needed) for each employee.


When you are sure you have the information in the checklist, you are ready to begin the Employees Procedure.

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