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Branch Overview

If this is your first exposure to GlasPacLX branches, please read Branches before continuing with this topic. This topic covers some basic points you need to consider before setting up your organization's branches.

        Setting up the data for each of your organization's branches is the first procedure in GlasPacLX setup. You must set up at least one main or parent branch, regardless of if you are running a multi-branch organization, or one independent shop.

Note: Do not confuse branch setup with branch settings, which are concerned with the computer settings that control the operations of each branch.

        GlasPacLX accommodates organizations of any size or complexity. You can create as many child branches as you need from your parent branch.

        All the branches you set up exist on the same computer or network server. Users can be set up to access one or more branches.

        If you are using Terminal Server or WAN (Wide Area Network) for data sharing and EDI, even though your branches exist in different locations, they all still use the same database, and each branch can be accessed from any computer on the system by workers who have security clearance to do so.

After you have read this topic, proceed to Branch Checklist.

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