Order Printing Settings Procedure Follow

Order Printing Settings Procedure

Use these instructions to set default printing options for insurance and non-insurance auto and flat glass quotes, invoices, cash sales, and workorders.

Having these options available for the different types of insurance and non-insurance orders lets you customize the information you would like to show (or hide) on your order printouts for your non-insurance work orders. For example, you can set your default printer settings to allow non-insurance Workorders to print differently than Insurance Workorders.

Note: This topic does not cover details on setting up printers. Click here for details on configuring physical printer settings.


1.        To open either the Autoglass or Flatglass Print Options, select Company, Settings, Branch Settings, Order Printing, and then either Autoglass Print Options or Flatglass Print Options, depending on the type of document you are formatting.

2.        Select the type of document (i.e., Auto Quote, Auto Customer WorkOrder, Auto Insurance WorkOrder, Auto Customer Invoice, Auto Insurance Invoice, Flat Quote, Flat Customer WorkOrder, Flat Insurance WorkOrder, Flat Customer Invoice, Flat Insurance Invoice). The print options for the various document types may differ slightly.

3.        Go through each order type (cash sale, insurance quote, etc.) and check the boxes next to the items you want to print. Checked boxes indicate that the associated print option is in effect for the selected order type. To switch a print option on or off, click in the field or tab to it and press the space bar.

The Order Print Options are split into section divisions: Header, Detail, and Total. This is intended to make the correlation between print options and the order easier to locate and identify when selecting options.

Click here to see a sample auto insurance order/refund, showing section divisions ((Header, Detail, and Total) and images of print options).

Need help? To display additional information about any field, move to the field and press the F1 key on your keyboard.

These settings can be overridden by the customer service representative by checking or clearing them on the Print/Save page of the quote, workorder, invoice, and cash sale windows.


Click here for details on Multiple Copy Naming and Payment Area Options.

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