Displaying Vehicles by Part Number Follow

Displaying Vehicles by Part Number

With GlasPacLX, you can enter a part number in the order entry grid of the Estimate window, view the vehicle that it�s supposed to be installed on, and then add its information to the Customer window of your order.

To View and Select Vehicles by Part Number

1.        At the order entry grid on the Estimate window, type in an auto glass part number.

When the system adds all the part information to the order entry grid, select the line with the part number you entered.

Right-click on your mouse to display a list of options available for this item.


Select Show Vehicle List from the list to open the show vehicle list window.


If any vehicles are available in the database for this windshield, they will be displayed in the show vehicle grid. For details on each column heading, press F1.

Select the line item of the vehicle you want, then choose the Select button. The information for this vehicle appears in the Vehicle section on the Customer window.


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