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For auto glass business, discounts are the primary mechanisms used to price replacement claims. The auto glass and insurance industries use the NAGS( Catalog as the basis for auto glass list prices. Each insurance company then gives a discount off the NAGS price, based on the shop location. Insurance companies also set labor and kit pricing.

Many of your auto glass customers may provide repeat business. These customers use the same insurance company all the time, and might have preset discounts or other special conditions that apply to them. GlasPacLX makes it easy for you to set up these customers so that the discount information displays automatically whenever you create an order for them. This capability streamlines your order entry procedures and saves significant time.

For flat glass shops, using discounts is the most efficient method to set up pricing schemes. Flat glass shops have separate pricing for walk-in customer and contractors. For contractors, you may want to discount all products in the shop or selected products.

GlasPacLX provides a user-friendly Discount Maintenance window, which helps you set up all of your customer- and organization-based discounts at one location.

For both auto and flat glass business: When you set up a customer, insurance company or agent, you must assign it to a discount. For this reason, set up discounts for your various kinds of customers. (For example, if you do business with several auto body shops, you might set up a discount with the ID �Bodyshops.� Then when you set up the customer data for each body shop on the Customers Maintenance window, choose the Bodyshops discount ID).

You must set up a different discount for each tax venue in which you do business. When the ordering person selects the correct discount, the correct taxes are applied.

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