Discounting Precision Hardware Automatically Follow

Discounting Precision Hardware Automatically

Some insurance companies discount Precision hardware differently than other standard parts and moldings. In the past, if you wanted to comply with the insurance companies, you had to go through the tedious process of manually discounting each Precision part and molding. Now it can be done automatically!

Use the following instructions to set up GlasPacLX to automatically discount Precision parts and molding for you. These instructions assume that you are familiar with GlasPacLX Discounting procedures. If you are not, please see Discounts Setup Overview. For details on each step, click on the associated link.

1.        Set up a new Discount Product Type for Precision Hardware, as shown in the following image. For example, for the new item, under the �ID� column, type: PRP. Under the �Description� column, type: Precision Hardware.


2.        In the NAGS Prefix Settings, assign the Discount Product Type you just created (e.g., PRP) to the Precision prefix, as shown in the following image. The Tax Product Type and G/L Accounts should remain the same.


3.        Assign discount percentages, to each discount to which you want special Precision discounts applied, on the Current Discounts tab of the appropriate Discount Maintenance windows, as shown in the following image.


Now when you use any of those Discount IDs on an order to which you have added a Precision part, GlasPacLX will automatically apply the new Precision discount.

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