Designating Parts Paid for by Policy Holder Follow

Designating Parts Paid for by Policy Holder

Use these instructions if this quote or work order is associated with an insurance agent or company, but your customer wants to purchase additional items that will not be covered by the insurance policy.

1.        Add the product (to be paid for by the policy holder) to the order, as you normally would. In this example, we selected a miscellaneous part�Glass Cleaner.

On the Estimate page, highlight the line item of the product you just added, as shown below.


Select the Edit Line button to display a window similar to the one shown below.


Select the Customer Pays for This Item check box located in the General section.

Note: This check box is only available for orders associated with insurance agents or companies.


Selecting this check box ensures that the item(s) will appear on the customer�s copy of the invoice and not on the insurance company�s copy.

Continue filling out the rest of the order. When you are finished, save the order as you normally would.

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