Deleting Invoices or Cash Sales Follow

Deleting Invoices or Cash Sales

If you have security permission to delete invoices and cash sales, you can delete a single or multiple invoice(s) or cash sale(s).

Warning: Once an invoice or cash sale is deleted, it cannot be retrieved.

To Delete Invoices and Cash Sale Orders

1.        There are three ways to open the Invoice/Cash Sale Finder:

                Select File from the menu bar, then Open, and then Invoices and Cash Sales.

                Select the Open icon IconOpen.gif on the tool bar.

                Select the Open Quotes/Workorder or Invoices icon IconQWDropDown.gif, located next to the Open icon on the tool bar, and select Invoices and Cash Sales.

The Invoice/Cash Sale Finder is displayed, as shown below.


If you do not know how to search for the orders you want, follow the Finder instructions on finding invoice and cash sales. Do not select a command button until you read the following steps.

Select the cash sales and invoices to delete. You can delete one or several invoices at a time. See Line Item Selection Methods for details, to return to this step, click on the GlasPacLX Help Back button.

Select the Delete Invoice/s button.

Warning: After you delete an invoice or cash sale, it cannot be retrieved.

A window appears to verify that you want to delete the selected orders.


Select the OK button, if you are sure. The window closes and displays another message to make sure you want to delete the selected orders.


Type the word YES to continue. The Delete Reason dialog appears, as shown in the following image.


Type in an explanation for this deletion and select the OK button.

If you are finished, select the Close button.

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