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After you have purchased the DataBridge tool and have registered it. GTS will assist you in configuring the appropriate security settings and setting you up as a security-cleared user, you will need to set up the DataBridge Password.


DataBridge Access Levels�

The following descriptions show various levels of databridge access and attendant activities. It can be either set up for read-only or read-write.

Level 1Read Only

At this level, the databridge user can only read data from the various tables in the database. No other actions can be performed. Read only is safer and recommended whenever you need to read data. Unless you are absolutely sure you will need to change LX data, and then set up as read only. That way a mistake will likely cause an error instead of erase business data.

GTS recommends that if you do not change the data in LX, that DataBridge be set up for read only. Read-only is the default configuration unless you contact GTS and specify otherwise.

Level 2�Read/Write

At this level, the databridge user can both read and write data to the various tables in the database. They can also create new tables, edit tables they have created, and add/edit new views and stored procedures.

Database access rights beyond these two levels has been restricted. Full control of SQL server to edit tables created by LX is strongly discouraged because changes of this nature are likely to compromise GlasPacLX and result in runtime errors.

Typically there are others way to accomplish the design goals that would be associated with schema changes to LX tables. For example: Rather than adding a field to an LX table, the Database Administrator can create a one-to-one join using the primary key of the target LX table to a newly created user table with the new field.

If the security levels for databridge do not appear to give rights that your project needs, contact GTS technical support. They can arrange for you to consult with the LX development team and help develop a design strategy to meet your needs.

Attention! Before you attempt to use DataBridge, we cannot stress how important it is that you have a thorough understanding of how DataBridge works. Even though this tool can be incredibly powerful, if you don�t know what you�re doing, DataBridge can also inadvertently and irretrievably destroy data and other important components which are essential to the proper functioning of GlasPacLX.

Changes to database schema (e.g., triggers, foreign key constraints, database replication, etc.) may cause LX to stop working.

If GTS personnel have to fix problems that have been caused by your database changes, it will be billable by GTS Support.

DataBridge contains GTS trade secret information and its use is subject to non-disclosure agreements. These non-disclosure agreements apply to your business, your consultants, and anyone who has access to the database schema.

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