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Database Server

The database server is generally a separate computer that runs either MSDE or SQL Server, which manages the data your users enter into GlasPacLX. Typical examples of the type of data stored in the database server include:

        Maintenance Data (e.g., Customers, Discounts, Products, etc.)

        Order Data (e.g., quotes, workorders, invoices, cash sales, etc.)

        Dispatch Data

        Vertex� Data (if applicable)


Click here to see a diagram of a typical network setup for a large corporation.

What version of SQL Server/MSDE is on your system?

To see which SQL Server/MSDE version is installed on your system, from the GlasPacLX menu bar, select Help, About GlasPacLX, and then the SQL Server Info button to display the following dialog box.


Select the OK button to exit the window.

When the database server is running, you will typically see an icon similar to the one shown below, in the bottom right corner of your window, near the clock.


Technical Requirements:

Though the operating system is not too important, the following information shows the maximum order loads on various database servers.



 Max. Database Size: 2 GB

 Max. Document Records: ~250,000 orders

 Recommended for small shops that do not want to keep a lot of history.



SQL Server with NTFS Partition


 Max. Database Size: unlimited

 Max. Document Records: unlimited orders

 Recommended for large shops with a lot of history


Note: We do not recommend SQL Server with a FAT 32 Partition as it is limited to 4GB and ~500,000 orders.

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