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Custom Fields Maintenance: Define Values Pro Only

In the Define Values field, use the drop-down menu to select the type of value that can be entered into the field on the General Info window. Choices are:

Column Description

AlphaNumeric Allows entry of data in letters, numbers, or symbols.

Numeric Restricts the data that a user enters to numbers. Note: This is especially useful to export data to an outside spreadsheet to calculate data.

Date Only Restricts the data that a user enters to a date format. When entering data a calendar will appear to assist the user in selecting the correct date.

Time Only Restricts the data that a user enters to a time format. Note: Times are limited to working hours set in the Shop information tab in Branch Setup.

List Restricts the data that a user can select from a drop-down list to fixed responses (e.g., Yes, No, etc.). When this option is selected, the editlist.gif button appears on the line. See Defining Values for the List Option for details.


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