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Customized Finder Query Lists

With GlasPacLX, you can use the Finders as querying tools to print out customized lists of your records, using criteria such as their area or zip codes, transaction date(s), insurance companies, discounts, etc. You may want to use this feature to target certain customer types or locations for discounting or advertising purposes, or you may just want to print out a quick list of orders. How you use the results of your findings are up to you. The possibilities are endless!

The following Finders are typically used to create these query lists:

Quotes and Workorders Products and Services Insurance Companies

Invoices and Cash Sales Discounts �Customers

To Create a Query List from the Finder

1.        Open the Finder that you intend use.

We are using the Invoice/Cash Sale Finder in the following examples, but you can use any of the Finders mentioned above to perform similar functions.


Every Finder has a Criteria section filled with a variety of fields. You can use these fields to narrow down the criteria for your query list. You can select one or more fields depending on what you want on your list.

2.        Select the fields you want to use as your finder query list criteria and type in the appropriate data. The more fields you select, the more refined your list will be.

Using the Invoice/Cash Sale Finder and selecting Invoices as the order type, here are just a few examples of how you can use the GlasPacLX Finder features to create query lists:

Using the start and end dates as your criteria.

This is useful when you want to specify all invoices entered over a certain period of time. You can select a range of dates, today�s date, or all dates for the type of order you specified.


For a list of today�s transactions for this order type, input today�s date in both the Start and End Date fields.


For a list of transactions of this order type for all dates, type in the year that you started your business or the year 1900. This may be useful when trying to find your oldest customers or the frequency of their transactions with you.

Note: The date should be set to use the dd/mm/yyyy format. If it uses any other date format, change the date settings in your Windows Settings/ Control Panel/Regional Settings under the Date tab. Close out of GlasPacLX and start up again.

Using a specific customer as your criterion

This is useful when you want to know which of your customers frequent your business the most and how frequently.

Type the customer�s name in the Customer field.


A list of invoices related to that customer appears in the table under the Customer column.


Using the customer phone as your criterion

This is useful when you want to target customers in specific region.

Type in a specific phone number, area code, or prefix.


A list of all your invoice customers that match your criteria appears in the table.


3.        After filling in the appropriate fields, select the Find Now button. A list matching your criteria appears in the Finder table. Use the table as your query list.

4.        To print the query list, select the Print List button.

For more details on using the Finders, see the Finders and Printing Finder Lists instructions.

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