Insurance Companies, Customers, and Agents Follow

Insurance Companies, Customers, and Agents

The way sales are processed depends on who is paying the bill. GlasPacLX lets you set up accounts for your walk-in customers as well as your regular account customers, insurance agents, and insurance companies that you can then associate with different customer types, which when set up correctly, makes order entry more efficient by automatically entering the appropriate customer and discounting details for you.

After you have established a customer base, GlasPacLX also uses the customer information you have saved for mailing labels (e.g. for thank you cards or promotions), as well as for reporting purposes, so you always know where your revenue comes from!

Your Customers Defined

GlasPacLX lets you set up the following types of customers:


Walk-in: This is one-time-only cash sale customer. This customer�s information is not usually saved in the database.

Account Customer: This is a repeat or regular customer (e.g., contractor, developer, fleet, etc.) with whom your business has an ongoing relationship. This customer�s information is saved in the database and no insurance company or agent will be involved in your transactions.

Insurance Agent: This customer is an insurance agent who reports auto glass replacement claims for insurance companies, whose information is saved in the database, including any associations with insurance companies.*

Insurance Customer: This customer is an insurance company who will be invoiced directly for processing auto glass replacement claims with or without EDI.*

* When you set up your agents and insurance companies, you can establish relationships between them that reflect their relationships in real life. If an agent represents one insurance company, you can designate the insurance company as the agent�s �parent� when you set up the agent record.


To read about how to set up insurance companies, customers, and agents on the system, follow this link.

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