Creating Regional Price Lists Follow

Creating Regional Price Lists

Use the following instructions to create new price lists that accommodate regional pricing differences. For standard price list setup instructions, click here.

1.        From the Products menu, select Product Price Lists. The Product Price List Maintenance window is displayed:


Note: If you want to replace any existing price lists, create your new ones first, and then delete the ones you don�t want. There must always be at least one price list.

2.        Select the Insert Item button.

3.        In the "Price List ID" field, type a short identifier for a branch, region, or the company (e.g., Phoenix for Phoenix branch, Southwest for Southwest region, Company for Company-wide, etc).

4.        In the "Price List" field, type the full name or description of the price list (e.g., Phoenix Branch Price List, Southwest Regional Price List, Company-wide Price List, etc).

5.        Repeat steps 2 through 4 for each additional price list.

6.        After you have created your price list(s), use the checkboxes under the "Discount" column to turn on discounting for each price list.

7.        Select the Save button to save the price lists you�ve added and close this window. Now, you will be able to prioritize these price lists as defaults and assign them to discounts and miscellaneous and flat glass parts.


Click here to return to the Regional Price Lists Setup steps.

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