Converting GlasPac Data Follow

Converting GlasPac Data

Running the Data Conversion

Before running the data conversion program, make sure that you have read the instructions on Preparing for the Data Conversion (GlasPac DOS).

1.        Select Tools from the menu bar and then Run Data Conversion Program, as shown in the following image.


The following image appears.


2.        Select the Next button. The following image appears.


3.        Select the Next button to continue. The following image appears.


4.        Select GlasPac (DOS), and then select the Next button to continue. The following image appears.


5.        Make sure that each of the database paths are correct. If not, use the Browse buttons to point to them. Then select the Next button. The following image appears.


6.        The Server name and Database name should fill in automatically. Select the Next button to continue. The following image appears.


7.        Select the checkboxes of each item that you wish to convert.

The conversion can be repeated later, so not everything has to be converted at once. We recommend that you convert �Flat Glass, Labor, and Parts� and �Customers, Discounts, and Taxes� first, as these things are the fastest.

�Quotes, Workorders, and Invoices� should be converted just before you are ready to go live. This gives you enough time to straighten up all maintenance areas and train your personnel before converting your orders, so everything will be up-to-date.

Remember: The number of years of invoices you wish to convert will determine the time it takes to convert them.

8.        When finished, select the Next button to display the following image.


9.        Select whether you want to keep or overwrite existing part IDs in GlasPacLX with the ones from GlasPac.

Recommendation: On the first conversion, you may want to select the first option to replace the existing items. The option to keep existing items is useful if you have already done a conversion and wanted to do it again, but still want to leave the ones currently in the GlasPacLX database.

10.        Select the Next button to display the following image.


This is the final screen before the conversion. To clear the default data that comes with GlasPacLX, select the Clear GlasPacLX Database button. WARNING! Make sure that you are ready to convert. This button deletes ALL of your GlasPacLX data.

11.        When the database clearing process is finished, select the Convert Data button to proceed with the data conversion.

If the conversion is successful, the following image appears.


12.        If you see the "Conversion Successful" message, congratulations! Select the Done button to complete the data conversion process. You will now be able to log in with the same usernames and passwords used for GlasPac.

w                  If the "Conversion is complete. There were issues in converting the data." message appears, it means that perhaps only a few items were not converted, perhaps an invoice. View the conversion log yourself and see if you can determine the source of the problem. If you cannot find the source or if you run into a major problem, call GTS Technical Support.

w                  If the "Conversion Unsuccessful" with major errors appears, you will be able to view the conversion log, found in the root drive. The log information is essential to determining the cause of the conversion failure. Save the log and call GTS Technical Support for assistance.

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