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In addition, to displaying your Web Quoter control, this window lets you enter a GlasPacLX advertising code, so that you can track web-generated orders with associated advertising codes. The Advertising Code you select here will appear in the �Job Info� section of the Web Quote and in the �Advertising Code� drop-down menu on the General Info {F8} window of the actual order.

Note: If you do not have a website/internet advertising code, you will need to create one in GlasPacLX before continuing. Glass shops with personalized portals hosted by GTS are provided with a default advertising code called �GQWeb.� You may choose to create one similar to this.


1.        In the �Advertising Code� field, type an Advertising Code ID that matches one in GlasPacLX, which specifies that the customer learned about your business from your website (e.g., GQWeb, WebQuote, etc.). Attention! This advertising code must have the same spelling and spacing as the one you created in GlasPacLX.

2.        Then select the Create HTML button. The Advertising Code will be incorporated in the HTML control that will be automatically generated and displayed in the elongated field beneath the Advertising Code field.

3.        When the HTML control text appears in the elongated field, copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) it into the �Get A Quote� page of your website. Note: Your webpage must have 700 pixels of horizontal space available.


Then, continue, using the following instructions to assist you:

Control Options

Contact Info and Disclaimers

Control Style



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