Changing the "Tax To" GeoCode Follow

Changing the "Tax To" GeoCode

This topic assumes that you are creating a new order and have already added taxable parts to it and want to change the �Tax To� GeoCode. Use these instructions to change the �Tax To� GeoCode for this order to use the �Ship To,� �Branch,� or �Custom� GeoCodes.

Remember: You have already set up the �Tax From� GeoCode in the �Default GeoCode� field in Branch Maintenance. The same GeoCode is also used, by default, as the �Tax To� GeoCode.

To Change the Tax To GeoCode

1.        Open the Estimate {F9} window, and select the elipse (�) button (next to the �Tax� field) to open the Vertex Taxing window, as shown in the following image.


By default, the information displayed in the �Tax To� section is a direct reflection of your entry in the Branch Address and Default GeoCode fields in Branch Setup. The Vertex Taxing grid displays the applicable taxing information for this jurisdiction.

2.        To change the �Tax To� information, select the Change Tax To button to display the following Tax GeoCode Selector window.


The Tax GeoCode Selector window is essentially a type of Finder that searches for the correct GeoCode based on the �Tax To� information you enter.

3.        Select the option on which to base the �Tax To� GeoCode from the �Get GeoCode For� section. Your choices are:

w                Ship To Address�Ensures that taxes are calculated according to the destination GeoCode for this order. Entered on the Customer {F6} window.

Select the �More� button on the Customer {F6} window to see the Ship To Info section. If you intend to enter a zip code that is different from the entries in the City and State fields, make sure to delete the entries before entering the new zip code in the �Ship To� section.

Note: Changing the Customer Ship To zip code will change the �Tax To� information from Branch GeoCode to Ship To GeoCode.

If the Ship To zip code does not automatically fill in the �GeoCode� field and the �Tax� field on the Estimate {F5} window turns red, it means Vertex found more than one GeoCode for the zip code you entered. You will need to do a GeoCode lookup by selecting the �Get GeoCodes� button. Choose a jurisdiction from the resulting list and then select the �Use and Close� button. The new taxing information will automatically update.

w                Branch Address�Ensures that taxes are calculated according to the GeoCode for your Branch, entered on the Branch Setup window (default �Tax To�). Note: If you change the Branch on an order, Vertex will automatically recalculate taxes to match the GeoCodes for the new branch.

w                Custom Address�Enables you to enter you own address information in the City, State, County, and/or Zip fields on this window from which to base the taxes.


4.        After you have made your �Get GeoCode For� (Tax To) selection, select the Get GeoCode button to display the GeoCode(s) that most closely match your �Tax To� option selection in the Tax GeoCode Selector Grid.

5.        Highlight the correct GeoCode line item and then select the Use and Close button.


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