Changing the Printer Follow

Changing the Printer

You can change the printer you�re using for specific orders.


1.        After you have finished creating an order and are ready to save and print it, open the Save/Print {F9} window and select the Change Printer button to display the following window.


In the �Printer Name� field, use the drop-down list to select the printer you want to use to print this order.

In the �Form/Paper Type� field, use the drop-down list to select the type of form you use for your invoices, quotes, or workorders. The available forms and paper types are listed in a drop-down list.

To print invoices, quotes, or workorders on preprinted forms, select the �Is Multiple Form Paper� checkbox. If this is not checked, the document will be formatted to print on plain paper.

In the �Number Of Copies� field, enter the number of copies of the invoice, quote, or workorder to be printed at one time.

When satisfied, select the Use This Printer button.


For more details on Saving and Printing orders, see Saving a Quote as a Workorder or Cash Sales and Invoices.

To set a regular default printer, see General Personal Settings or see the topic on the type of printer you want to set (e.g., flat glass printers, auto glass printers, label printers, or report printers).

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