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Canadian Tax Transference

The Canadian Tax Transference feature enables you to transfer a portion of the insurance company�s GST fees to the cash customer. The GST transfer takes place when you�re creating an insurance order, so it�s important to make sure that your system is set to Canadian mode and that your Canadian taxes have been set up properly in Tax Maintenance before you do any order entry procedures.

Transferring GST Taxes

These instructions assume that your Canadian taxes have already been set up and that this will be for an insurance order.

1.        After you have selected and added parts to an order, select the ellipse (�) button next to the Tax field, located between the Sub Total and Total fields at the bottom of the Estimate {F5} window. The system displays the following window.


2.        Select the checkboxes for GST and PST tax IDs under the Use column.

3.        Select the Transfer GST Tax button at the bottom of the window to display the following confirmation message.


4.        Select the OK button. The GST tax, which the cash customer will pay, appears in the Transferred GST Amount field on the bottom left corner of the window.


When you save this order as an invoice, the GST tax will appear on the customer�s invoice.

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