Canadian Considerations Follow

Canadian Considerations

GlasPacLX can accommodate both American and Canadian businesses. All you have to do is select the country mode of operation in Configuration Settings under the General Branch Settings heading. Click here for details. The following list gives an overview of the features that are significant to the Canadian version of GlasPacLX:

w        Taxing:


w                Click here for details on setting up taxes.

w                GST/PST Taxing

w                Compound Taxing

w                Ability to mark tax as "Non-insurance only"

w                Canadian Tax Transference

w                Taxes are split out on invoice printouts

w        Canadian spelling throughout the system (e.g., molding to moulding, states to provinces, checks to cheques, etc.)

w        NAGS Prefix Settings include a prefix for GM Parts*


*The GM Parts prefix lets shops in Canada discount GM parts differently than other NAGS glass.

Note: Concerning the Q Parts and R Parts tabs�NAGS has recently removed all �Q� and �R� part notes from their calculator. However, the notes can be applied to parts using the Alternate Autoglass Price List, which lets you discount them differently with the appropriate tabs in NAGS Prefix Settings.

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