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Bulk Product Price Change

The Bulk Product Price Change functionality lets you automatically increase or decrease the pricing of huge lists of products at one time by a set dollar amount or by a percentage. The list can be filtered according to three criteria sets: product type, discount product type, and product categories. Each criterion set you select limits the total number of records to update. We suggest that you select one criteria set at a time.

1.        From the Products menu, select Bulk Product Price Changes to display the following window.


2.        Decide if you want to change prices for a bulk set of products by a fixed dollar amount, or by a percentage. Select either the �Fixed?� option or the �Percentage?� option in the Change By and Amount section accordingly.

3.        In the More or Less section, decide whether you want to increase or lower prices.

4.        In the Amount to Change field, enter the dollar amount or the percentage by which to increase or decrease the standard pricing.

5.        Now decide on the criteria to which you will apply the bulk price change. The available options included within the criteria you selected, along with the number of records to update, will appear in the �Products to update� section. Your criteria are:

w                To sort by �Product Type,� select one or more of the criteria: Auto Labor, Option, Flat Glass, Flat Labor, Fabrication, or Miscellaneous. This is the most general criteria set.

In other words, if you select Auto Labor; all product records concerning Auto Labor will be updated, including its Discount Product Type and Product Category records. In this example, we chose �Auto Labor.�


w                To sort by �Discount Product Type,� select one or more of the checkboxes adjacent to a Discount Product Type. To check all of the Product Category options, choose the Select All button or the Select None to uncheck them.

If you selected an option from the Product Type set and now select an option from the Discount Product Type set, the products will be limited to items within that Product Type that have a Discount Product Type ID. In this example, we added LABA (Labor Auto Glass) to our criteria. If you select some another Discount Product Type that does not fall within the original Product Type you selected, it will not affect the record set.


w                To sort by �Product Categories,� select one or more of the checkboxes adjacent to a Product Category. Click on a plus (+) symbol to expand the list, or the minus (-) symbol to collapse the list. To check all of the Product Category options, choose the Select All button or the Select None to uncheck them.

Now, after having selected both a Product Type, a Discount Product Type, if you select a Product Category or a subcategory within that category, you further limit the number of records that will be updated. In this example, we selected to limit the criteria set to Misc Auto Labor, which falls under the Auto Labor product category, within the LABA (Auto Glass Labor) product type discount, which falls under the Auto Labor Product Type. Now the records to update are limited to two records that will be updated.


6.        When you are ready to save your bulk product pricing changes, select the Update Prices button. A message will appear informing you of what will happen as a result of the bulk pricing selections you made. Select Yes to continue with the update, or No to cancel the update.

7.        Select the Close button when you are finished.

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