Bulk Miscellaneous Parts Import Preliminary Considerations Follow

Bulk Miscellaneous Parts Import Preliminary Considerations

The Bulk Miscellaneous Parts Import feature lets you import your miscellaneous parts data into GlasPacLX as long as they are saved as Comma Separated Value (*.csv) files.

In the following example, we have compiled our data into the correct import format using Microsoft Excel.


It does not matter which software application you use, as long as your data is listed and saved in the (Part Number, Description, List Price) CSV format, as shown here:


BackTint,Back Glass Tinting,$50.00

Sunscreen,Windshield Sunscreen Film,$25.00

GlassCleaner,Glass Cleaner,$2.99

Scraper,Pinchweld Scraper,$20.00

WiperBlade,Windshield Wiper Blade,$15.00

KeyCut,Key Cutting Charge,$2.00

MirrorPreCut,Pre Cut Mirror,$50.00


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