Branch Sharing Window: Customers/Insurance/Agents Options Follow

Branch Sharing Window: Customers/Insurance/Agents Options

When configuring the branch sharing with custom settings, select the Parent and/or Child branch checkbox for each Customers/Insurance/Agents option to delegate data control and/or data sharing rights.

Note: Radio buttons indicate that either the current Child branch or the Parent branch must be selected for this item, but not both.

The following Parent checkboxes and Preset Configuration settings cause other associated parent branch options to be automatically selected and grayed-out, so that only the parent branch can alter or control the data that child branches can use.


Parent/Preset Config. Option  Dependant Grayed-out Parent Option(s)

Customers Customer Types

Insurance Companies Customer Types

Agents Customer Types

Central Control Customer Types

Mixed-Mode Customer Types

Branch Control None. Options are all child branch controlled.


Required Fields Note. To set the customer type-based required fields in the child branches to reflect the ones set in the parent branch, make sure that the Parent radio option is selected for Customer Types in the Customer/Insurance/Agents section, and then read Required Fields.


For more information on Data Sharing, click here.

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