Branch Setup Checklist Follow

Branch Checklist

Before you can set up data for each of your branches, make sure to have the following information available.

You may want to print this topic and check off the items when you are satisfied you can provide the required input.

  • A short branch ID and a full description of the branch.
  • Set up child branches before a parent branch, and then from the parent branch select your child branches.
  • Branch phone and fax numbers, address (and remit-to addresses, if payments are not made to this branch).
  • Your tax numbers (state, province, Federal).
  • Your contractor license number.
  • The identification numbers to be used on the next quote, workorder, invoice, and cash sale.
  • If you intend to use EDI, you will need EDI connection information. If the branch will be processing invoices using GlasPacLX's EDI functionality, you will get full information about setting up EDI from your GTS representative.
  • If you intend to use GLAXIS, you will need Destination IDs. GLAXIS Destination IDs are supplied by LYNX Services.

When you are sure of the required information in the checklist, you are ready to begin the Branch Procedure.

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