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GlasPacLX meets the needs of organizations of any size, from small independent shops to larger multi-branch enterprises. In GlasPacLX, each shop is designated as either a parent or child branch. In a Parent/Child relationship, there is only one parent branch, which can be given security and maintenance rights over any of its child branches. A child branch can be set to use data created by its parent branch. However, a child branch can never modify the data created by its parent branch.

If you run a small, independent shop, then it would be considered a parent branch, because it is the main or only branch.

If your organization is comprised of several shops, you would designate one main or corporate office as the parent branch and all other subsidiary shops as child branches. These Parent/Child relationships are intended to make running your business easier and more efficient. You can expect to receive some of the following benefits by setting up your system with parent-child relationships:

Centralized control - Parent branch retains control over child branches' security, configuration and settings, regarding information such as pricing, part numbers, EDI, etc.

Efficient use of time and energy - Parent-child branch data sharing reduces tedious manual data entry redundancy among shops and encourages uniformity among branches.

Mixed-mode flexibility - Data sharing is customizable, so you can pick and choose whether to give each branch the ability to use both parent branch data and its own child data, or just one or the other depending on different options.


Regardless of branch type, all branches can create quotes, cash sales, workorders, and invoices. In addition, all branches can create and maintain products, labor, and supporting data. However, the ability of the child branch to use that data is determined during initial parent /child branch configuration, where security and access rights are allocated to each of your child branches.



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