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Auto Glass Sundry Catalog: Grid

The Auto Glass Sundry Catalog is used to help locate specific parts to add to an online order. Fill in other criteria fields and/or click the Find Now button. Use the following table to help understand the grid.

Scroll down the list to find the part needed, highlight it, and then click on the Select button. Part information will automatically fill in the corresponding fields in the Online Ordering window.


Column Description

Part Num Displays abbreviated ID or code for this part.

Part Descrip Displays the full title or description of this part.

Price Displays the price in dollars ($) of this part.

Vendor Displays the vendor of this part.

Manufacturer Displays the manufacturer name of this part.

Category 1 Displays the category that this part falls under.

Category 2 Displays the category description of this part.

Price Type Displays which type of pricing is used to calculate the price (e.g., list, net, etc.)

Qty Displays the number of parts included in this unit at this price.

Unit Displays the type of individual unit that this part is sold as (e.g., box, bag, each, etc.)

Weight Displays the actual weight of the product.

Weight Unit Displays the unit of measure determining this weight (e.g., pounds, grams, etc.)


Note: Filling in as many criteria fields as possible will narrow the search.


For more details, see Looking up Sundry Items.

Click here for more details about finders.

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