Assigning Receipted Items to Sales Orders Follow

Assigning Receipted Items to Sales Orders

This feature checks unsourced cash sales, invoices, and workorders in the system when parts are receipted into inventory, either by manual receipt entry or from the PO Receipt window so the user may assign the receipted item(s) to unsourced order(s).

For example: a user might utilize this feature if they have an unsourced (green) invoice with a line item that is not in stock yet or if they order parts with a stocking PO that are not associated with any existing workorders. With the button, they can assign it to an unsourced order upon receipt of the part.

1.        Create and save a cash sale or invoice as normal. If configured to do so, GlasPacLX will allow the user to save the orders even though they are unsourced.

Attention! This feature is only available if IC Configuration is set to Allow Negative Stock.

2.        When items are received into inventory or there is a positive physical inventory adjustment to the correct item(s) for the sales orders just created, the following window appears.


3.        Under the Assign? column, select the checkbox next to the orders to assign the parts to.

w                For all checkboxes, click the Select All button.

w                To deselect all checkboxes, click the Select None button.

4.        When finished, click the Save button. Review the IC Status column on the sales orders to verify that these items are now sourced.

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