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Assigning IC Neighbor Branches Pro Only

Each branch has full inventory control (viewing, using, tracking, and adjusting IC) over the inventory stocked in its own locations, as determined when you set up Location IDs. Furthermore, each location is branch-specific.

IC Neighbor Branches refer to the branches within the vicinity with which your branch (the one you are logged into) shares inventory. Assigning IC Neighbor Branch(es) to your branch, lets you view and control the inventory of those neighboring branches, including their locations, enabling you to transfer product easily between branches when necessary. When available, this method of obtaining products is preferred over acquiring inventory through buy-out sources.


1.        From the Branch window, select the IC Neighbor Branches button to view the following window.


2.        Select the Add button to select the branches you are neighbors with.

3.        When satisfied, select the Save button.


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