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Advertising sub codes appear in a drop-down list for the Advertising SubCode field located on the General Info tab upon selection of an advertising code with sub codes attached. Sub codes are used to record subdivisions of organizations or names of individuals, if set to do so. The user can also use this grid to assign branches that can use the sub code(s).

Use the following table to understand the data shown in the grid.


Column Name Description

ID Enter a short code representing a subdivision of the main advertising code (e.g., organization branch, publication or media producer name).

Description Enter a full description of each organization branch, publication or media producer name.

Branches Click on the Select button to open the branch selection window where assignment of the branches can be set.

RequireReference When selected the RequireReference checkbox creates an Advertising Reference field on the General Info tab when this sub code is chosen.


Click here for information about advertising codes.

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