Moving to LXOnline: What You Need to Know Follow

LXOnline offers several benefits over hosting your own local application and database. Your GlasPacLX version is kept up to date. Your data is protected. You don't have to maintain the same level of IT infrastructure. And you can log in from any windows computer (with a Professional windows operating system). 

In the interest of avoiding surprises and confusion, there are a few things we want to make you aware of as you consider this option.

1. There is a setup fee. Please review the pricing page.

2. Any printer you wish to use with LXOnline needs to be compatible; specifically it needs to be able to use printer language (emulation) PCL5, PCL5e or PCL6. For clarification, please see this article. There is a chance you will need a different printer than your current one.

3. If you use Quickbooks with GlasPacLX, decide whether you want to have your Quickbooks application hosted on the LXOnline server, allowing you to run your integration process there, or whether you would rather continue to host Quickbooks locally and export and download the integrated data.

4. You database (and your Quickbooks company file, if you choose to have us host Quickbooks) will need to be transferred to the LXOnline Server. This is a process we will assist with but it can take up to a few hours so think about the timing, when you can best afford to be out of GlasPacLX for that long. 


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