LX Mobile Print Options Follow

Use the LX Mobile Print Options to setup how receipts are printed and emailed from the LX Mobile app.

From the GlasPacLX menu bar, select CompanySettings…, then Order Printing, and then LX Mobile Print Options under the “Branch (Your Branch) Settings” in Configuration Settings for Your Branch window.

Descriptions of LX Mobile Print Options:

Print PO Number on Receipt - Check this box to include the purchase order number on the receipt.

Suppress Federal Tax ID - Check this box to remove the Federal Tax ID from the receipt.

Print External Accounting ID on Receipt - Check this box to include the External Accounting ID on the receipt. If no external accounting ID was entered on the order, the branch's cash customer ID will be printed.

Receipt Heading - Use these textboxes to enter heading values to be printed at the top of the receipt. This is usually information like company name and address.

Terms and Conditions - Check this box to include terms and conditions on the receipt. Use the textbox to enter the terms you would like displayed. The Reset to Default button will set the text back to the originally provided value. The entered terms and conditions will also appear in the LX Mobile app on the signature capture activity.

Receipt Notes - Enter any additional messaging you would like to include on the receipt. For example, a drive away time message.

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