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Use the Miscellaneous Order Printing Options to help you specify who will receive a copy of plain paper order printouts. So, for example, as in a carbon copy, you can print out copies specifically designated as “Customer Copy,” “Shop Copy,” “Accounting Copy,” etc. In addition to Multiple Copy Naming setup, this window also lets you determine whether or not you want to include certain messages within the Payment Area of printed orders.

From the GlasPacLX menu bar, select CompanySettings…, then Order Printing, and then Misc. Order Print Options under the “Branch (Your Branch) Settings” in Configuration Settings for Your Branch window.

Descriptions of Misc Order Print Options:

Multiple Copy Naming - If you print multiple copies of workorders, invoices, or quotes on plain paper (as opposed to printing on a multiple-copy form), use the Copy Naming option to show where each copy should go. In each of the Multiple Copy Naming fields, type the destination or name of each copy. This text will be printed on the invoices, workorders, and quotes. For example, you could enter “Customer Copy,” “Accounting,” and “Shop Copy.” Four fields are provided, but if you print fewer than four, just fill out the ones you need.

Print "No Receipt" Message on Quotes and Workorders - Check this box to have the message “This is not a receipt – Do not pay” printed on quotes and workorders.

Print External Accounting ID on Orders - Check this box to print the external accounting ID on orders (Customer ID, Insurance ID, Agent ID).

Print Original/Revised Estimate Block on Orders

Separate Part and Labor Subtotal on Orders

Print 17 Block VIN on Auto Glass Invoices

Print Release and Authorization to Pay Section on Invoices - Check this box to have a release and signature section print on invoices, where the customer authorizes the insurance company to pay you directly. If you use preprinted invoice forms, leave this unchecked, because the release is already printed on them. Enter the authorization text in the textbox. Use the Reset to Default button to reset the originally provided text.


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