Required Fields By Customer Type Follow

Use the Required Fields Options to setup required fields by customer type.

From the GlasPacLX menu bar, select CompanySettings…, then under the “Branch (Your Branch) Settings” in Configuration Settings for Your Branch window, expand the Required Fields node. Each available Customer Type will be added to the tree. Expand the customer type to see a separate node for Quotes, Workorders, and Invoices. Click on the document type to see the associated required field settings.

Required field settings are separated into three different tabs based on the tab where the field appears in order entry: Customer, Insurance, and General Info. Check the box next to the field name to make that field required for that customer and document type.

Use the Select All and Select None buttons to quickly mark all or none of the fields on the current tab required.

Keeping the number of customer types to a minimum will reduce the amount of required field setup.



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