Required Fields Settings Follow

Use the Required Fields settings to setup some options regarding required fields on orders.

From the GlasPacLX menu bar, select CompanySettings…, then Required Fields under the “Branch (Your Branch) Settings” in Configuration Settings for Your Branch window.

Descriptions of Required Fields Options:

Required Bill To ID on Estimate or ECI screen - Check this box to make the Bill To field required to save a quote, workorder, or invoice.

Default Customer Type for Required Fields - Select the customer type you wish to use as the default for new orders. Once an ID is entered for either Bill To, Insurance, Customer, or Agent, the default may be overridden.

Future Required Field Printing Options - You can set up the future required fields (e.g., VIN, Vehicle License No., Fleet Number, etc.) on your workorders to print out as blank lines to be filled in manually while the job is in progress. The information that is collected can then be re-entered while invoicing.

First, set fields to be required on invoices. Second, select the checkbox(es) associated with each of the fields that you want to print out as blank lines on a workorder. Alternatively, by deselecting a checkbox you can prevent certain fields from printing out on your workorders even if they are considered to be future required fields.



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