Order Printing Settings Follow

Note: For Version 7 of GlasPacLX these setting have been relocated to Orders>Print Setup.

Use the Order Printing section of the Configuration Settings Explorer to specify some options when printing orders in GlasPacLX.

From the GlasPacLX menu bar, select CompanySettings…, and then Order Printing under the “Branch (Your Branch) Settings” in Configuration Settings for Your Branch window.

Descriptions of Order Printing Settings:

Branch Printer Override - Selecting a printer override will cause all printing for this branch to be overridden by the selected print method.

Print Custom Orders - Check this option to use a custom Crystal Report file to print orders and invoices. Creating a custom report requires special development. This setting is not recommended. Using the default order printout will ensure that you receive the latest updates and fixes.

Custom Order Location - When printing custom orders, this is the folder location of your custom Crystal Report files.

Print Picking Tickets - Selecting this option adds the Print Picking Ticket button to workorders.


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