External Communications Follow

Use the External Communications section of the Configuration Settings Explorer to specify how GlasPacLX connects with some online services.

From the GlasPac®LX menu bar, select Company and Settings… to open the Configuration Settings explorer. Then maximize the Application Settings section in the explorer and select External Communication.

Descriptions of External Communication Settings:

Account Email - Enter an email address linked to your GTS Support account. This allows GlasPacLX to communicate with GTS Services and enables features like NAGS downloading and automatic re-registration.

The following fields are used to communicate with GLAXIS to make use of some features directly from GlasPacLX. Use the Try to Pull Values button to automatically copy the settings currently being used by the ComApp.

Parent PID - 

Password - 

Company - 



Website Mapping Configuration

Mapping Website Address - Enter the URL to use to connect to a mapping website. Use the Select Mapping Website to choose a mapping website and URL from a list.

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