General Personal Settings Follow

Use the General Personal Settings in the Configuration Settings Explorer to setup options unique to the current workstation.

From the GlasPac®LX menu bar, select Company and Settings… to open the Configuration Settings explorer, maximize the Personal Settings section to display the General Personal Settings option.


Descriptions of General Personal Settings:

Branch - Select from the drop-down list the default branch for the workstation. This branch will display in the Branch field of the login window. It does not keep other branches from being accessed from the workstation.

Close Quotes & Workorders on Save - Select this checkbox to close the finder once an order is selected and opened. If not selected, the finder will remain open behind the order entry window.

Close Invoices and Cash Sales on Save - When this option is checked, invoices, cash sales, and refunds will close when they are saved.

Close Finder on Order Lookup - When this option is checked, the workorder and invoice finders will close after opening the order.

Open Configured Product IDs via Product Catalog - This setting is not used and will be removed in a future release.


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