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General Branch Settings

Use the General Branch Settings to configure the defaults for the branch you are logged onto. This ensures that whenever you are logged-on to a particular branch, pre-defined values in different areas of the system, such as language modes, price lists, installation types, and the option to default new orders as insurance orders will always be used each time you create a new order.



  1.       From the GlasPacLX menu bar, selectCompanySettings…, and then General Branch Settings under the “Branch (Your Branch) Settings” in Configuration Settings for Your Branch window.


  1. Select the settings values you want to activate in GlasPac®LX.
  2. When finished, select theSave button.


Descriptions of General Branch Settings:

Country - In the “Country” section, select the country mode option that applies to your geographic location (U.S. Mode or Canadian Mode). The option you select affects the NAGS data that your system will use to price auto glass parts, as well as the style of English that is used throughout the system. Although this is a setting at the branch level, GlasPacLX does not currently support mixed setups where some branches are US and others are Canada.

Default Price Lists -  In the “Branch Default Settings” section, use the drop-down menu to select and prioritize the price lists that will be used by default when you log into this branch. If you are a smaller shop, you may want to use the pre-programmed default of “List” in the “First Default Price List” field. If you are a larger company, with branch and regional shop divisions, you may want to set up regional price lists. Product Price defaults to the Default Price List price when the Alternate Price List price is zero ($0.00).

Default Discount - In the “Default Discount” field, use the drop-down menu to select the discount that you want to use as a default when you are logged into this branch.

Default Adh Mfg Code - Use this as the default manufacturer code when adding adhesives to an order.

Default Adh Type/Lot# - Use this as the default lot number when adding adhesives to an order.

Default New Order as Insurance - Select this checkbox if you want each new order you create to default as an Insurance order. This assumes that you work predominantly with insurance companies on auto glass jobs.

Installation Type Default - Choose the default installation type when starting a new order.

Mobile Install Tax Default - Choose the default mobile install tax value when starting a new mobile order. 



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