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Optimization Settings: Notification Interval (seconds)

The optimization settings form allows you to adjust settings to help with the performance of GlasPacLX. Generally, GTS does not recommend adjusting these settings except in unique scenarios.

Notification Interval - The Notification Interval field sets the timing interval (in seconds) of how often GlasPacLX will query the Communication Applet (if enabled) to notify a user of dispatches, authorizations, electronic notices of loss, and online ordering transactions, or to query GlassQuoter (if enabled) for new web quotes. The default interval is thirty (30) seconds.

 Glaxis Sourcing Request Timeout - This adjusts the timeout in seconds to use when placing an online order through Glaxis.

Finder Optimization - These settings allow the behavior of different finders to be adjusted to help with performance. The options available are as follows:

Pre-load with Data - When selected, the finder will automatically run the query and populate with data based on its default settings. Unselecting this option gives the user a chance to first set criteria and prevents unnecessary queries.

Require Criteria Entry - When selected, the finder will not allow a query to run without at least some criteria entered. This is to prevent users from running very large queries which might hurt the performance of GlasPacLX.

Allow Show All Records - When selected, the finder will provide a Show All Records button to allow the query to be run with unlimited results. Depending on the finder and the entered criteria, this can be an expensive query.

Default Records Shown - This setting determines the default number of results to show in the query. Showing fewer results can improve performance. The default for all finders is to show 100 records by default.


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