Telephone / Postal Code Formatting Follow

Telephone / Postal Code Formatting

Telephone Formatting

Use the Telephone Formatting section of the Configuration Settings Explorer to specify telephone formatting in GlasPac®LX.


1.        From the GlasPac®LX menu bar, select Company and Settings… to open the Configuration Settings explorer. Then maximize the Application Settings section in the explorer and select Telephone / Postal Code Formatting Settings.

2.        Select the checkboxes of the features and behavior you want to activate in GlasPac®LX.

3.        When finished, select the Save button to activate your selected features.


Descriptions of Telephone / Postal Code Settings:

Auto-Format Telephone Numbers - This option automatically formats all entries in any telephone fields to (XXX) YYY-YYYY. If the area code (XXX) is not present, GlasPacLX automatically enters the Default Area Code.

Force Valid Telephone Numbers - This option validates telephone number fields, ensuring that only 10-digit numeric characters are used. Selecting this option automatically selects the “Auto-Format Telephone Numbers” option also.

Auto-Format Postal Codes - This option automatically formats postal code entries.

Force Valid Postal Codes - This option validates postal codes, ensuring they follow correct formatting.

Default Area Code - Enter the most likely area code in which you will be doing business.



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