General Application Settings Follow

General Application Settings

Use the General Application Settings in the Configuration Settings Explorer to activate different features and behavior.

1.        From the GlasPac®LX menu bar, select Company and Settings… to open the Configuration Settings explorer. Then maximize the Application Settings section in the explorer and select General Application Settings.

2.        Select the checkboxes of the features and behavior you want to activate in GlasPac®LX.

3.        When finished, select the Save button to activate your selected features.


Descriptions of General Application Settings:

Company Name - The name of your company.

Enable Branch Specific Discounting - Select this option to enable branch specific discounting in GlasPac®LX.

Allow For Sizes and Size Categories - Check this box to enable size pricing for miscellaneous-type parts. If size pricing is disabled, the size categories and product size options are removed from the menu, and the Size Pricing check box does not appear on the Miscellaneous Parts Maintenance window.

Send Email Notifications - Use this option to turn on and off email notification functionality which will notify customers by email on different events in the order life-cycle. This feature requires additional setup to fully implement.

Accounting Integration

Enable RightGlass - Use this option to turn on RightGlass, which uses a vehicle's VIN to determine the correct replacement glass part. Contact GTS Support to enable this feature.

Enable Appointment Status Update

Enable License Plate Lookup

Enable Vertex Taxing Integration - Select this checkbox if a registered version of Vertex has been successfully installed and set up. This is not a commonly used feature of GlasPacLX.

Vertex Company Code - Select the Enable Vertex Taxing Integration box for the Vertex Company Code field to appear.


Prevent Duplicate Entity Codes - Select this option if you want to prevent duplicate entries by turning fields red and preventing you from saving the order until you enter valid data.

Consider Users as CSRs - Select the Consider Users As CSRs checkbox to no longer have to create CSRs in Employee Maintenance. Each User Name will be automatically plugged into the CSR field on every order instead. Selecting this checkbox will automatically disable (gray out) the CSR checkbox in Employee Maintenance.

Enable Zip Code and City/State Auto Lookup Popup - Select this option if you want the City/State/Zip window to automatically pop up when a zip code has multiple cities associated with it, giving you the opportunity to make your own selection.

Warn When Scheduled Backup Fails - Select this option for GlasPacLX to warn the user if a scheduled database backup fails.

Require Adjustment Reason on Stock Adjustments

Do Not Show All Installers or Employees in Installer Finder

Enable Temp/Humidity Web Check

Force Valid Terms Code Selection - Select this checkbox to have GlasPacLX validate entries to the Terms Code field in Customer Maintenance. Users will not be able to save changes until the entry is valid. This is intended to force users to select one of the available terms codes from the drop-down list.

Allow Ordering from Warehouse With No SOH

Prompt For Buyout Reason Codes

Vendor Invoice Job Costing





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