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Settings Explorer

On the menu bar, select Company menu and then Settings.

GlasPacLX uses a tree-shaped structure, or explorer, to organize settings that control your branch’s operations, the use of your computer’s printers, your network settings, and other system settings. The Settings explorer is divided into three parts:

Branch Settings  For making business-related choices specific to the operations for the branch that you are logged into. For example, under Branch Settings you can set up special line item codes, specify the information you want to print on your branch’s invoices, and set options regarding the design of your installation schedules.

Personal Settings  For specifying your default branch, error handling and order behavior options, in addition to setting controls pertaining to various printers and viewing options. For example, under Personal Settings you can specify one printer for printing auto glass invoices, another for flat glass invoices. You can also set the colors for fields and product list labels.

Application Settings  For activating various custom features that are generally kept hidden by default unless desired and to specify formatting for all telephone number and postal code entry fields throughout GlasPacLX. Optimization and Invoice editing settings are also available here.



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