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Scheduler Settings

Use the Scheduler Settings in the Configuration Settings Explorer to setup how the scheduling or workorders is handled.

1.        From the GlasPac®LX menu bar, select Company and Settings… to open the Configuration Settings explorer. Then maximize the Application Settings section in the explorer and select Scheduler Settings.

2.        Select the checkboxes of the features and behavior you want to activate in GlasPac®LX.

3.        When finished, select the Save button to activate your selected features.


Descriptions of Scheduler Settings:

Enable Bay Management - Checking this box allows for the creation and assignment of Bays to orders.

Enable Job Area - Checking this box allows for the creation and assignment of Job Areas to orders.

Include Weekly Scheduler with ECI - When this box is checked, a scheduler will appear at the bottom of the ECI tab to assist in scheduling workorders. Using this setting can cause performance degradation on large databases.

Set Scheduler Capacity By - This setting determines how to keep track of job capacacity. If Job Areas are not enabled, the only available option is to set job capacity on the Branch. If Job Areas are enabled, use this to choose between setting capacity on the Job Area or setting capacity for each installer.

Warn if Installer is Overbooked - Check this box to have GlasPacLX check for overbooking of bays and installers when a workorder is saved.

Scheduler Jobs By - This setting determines how the order installation time is entered. If "Time" is selected, order entry will allow the entry of a specific time. If "AM/PM" is selected, order entry will allow for a choice between AM or PM. The third option will use the selected installation type to determine if an exact time or AM/PM should be entered. GTS recommends using the "Time" option.

Default Filter for Daily Scheduler - This setting determines the default filter option on the Daily Scheduler.


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