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Order Entry Settings

Use the Order Entry Settings in the Configuration Settings Explorer to activate different features and behavior dealing with order entry.

1.        From the GlasPac®LX menu bar, select Company and Settings… to open the Configuration Settings explorer. Then maximize the Application Settings section in the explorer and select Order Entry Settings.

2.        Select the checkboxes of the features and behavior you want to activate in GlasPac®LX.

3.        When finished, select the Save button to activate your selected features.


Descriptions of Order Entry Settings:

Enable Workflow Process - Check this box to enable workflow process functionality which tailors which order entry tabs are visible based on the order's customer type. This requires additional setup and adds quite a bit of complexity to the software. Because of this, GTS does not recommend using this setting.

Hide Print Options - Check this box to allow customer service representatives to change document print options before they print orders. If this is not checked, orders will be printed as set up in Branch Settings

Enforce Insurance/Agent Relationship - Select this option to enforce insurance company and insurance agent relationships in GlasPac®LX.

Do not allow saving of Workorders on credit hold - Select this option if you want to prevent CSRs from being able to save and print workorders with "on-hold" customers. The saving of Quotes will not be affected by On Hold status. This is so the CSR can save their data entry and come back later to finish the order once credit status has been resolved. If a user has Override Credit Hold permissions they will be able to save and print the workorder.

Require External Account ID on customers before invoicing - Select this checkbox to prevent invoices from specific customers from being saved without an External Account ID. The External Account ID is assigned to customers in Customer Maintenance. On an order, this code appears in the gray non-editable External Account ID field in the Accounting section of the Customer {F6} window. When selected, an attempt to save an invoice without an External Account ID will prompt an error message. Click the OK button on the error message and then save this order as a quote or workorder. Edit the External Account ID field for this customer in Customer Maintenance. Then reopen this order and save it as an invoice or cash sale.

Accept Payments on Cash Sale/Invoice Only

Do not allow negative invoices or positive refunds

Branch to use for Affiliate jobs

Require Ship To Address Zip Code on Mobile Jobs - Select this option if you want the “Ship To Address Zip Code” from the Customer {F6} window on your order to be a blue required field whenever you select the “Mobile” job type on the General Info {F8} window. Note: If you selected “In-Shop” as the Installation Type Default in General Branch Settings, this feature will not work, regardless of whether or not you override the default and select “Mobile” on a specific order.

Allow creation of PDF from Orders

Allow Partial Workorder Invoicing

Do Not Refresh Line Item Pricing

Enable Multiple Installation Instructions

Enable Order Type For Line Item Arrangement

Enable Agent Referral Collection

Enable ECI Tab - Check this box to add the ECI tab to order entry for all users. The ECI tab combines elements from the estimate, customer, and insurance tabs to reduce how often the user needs to switch between tabs.


Settings related to Auto Glass:

Require Adhesive Lot Numbers and Manufacturer Code - Select this option to require employees to enter adhesive lot numbers and manufacturer codes when these items are added to an invoice. When selected, orders having a line item with adhesive require entries in the fields labeled Type/Lot# and Adh Mfg Code in the Edit Line window for that part. Invoices without lot numbers and manufacturer codes entered will not be saved.

Require Primer Lot Numbers - Select this option to require that employees enter primer lot numbers when these items are added to an order. When selected, orders having a line item with primer require users to fill in the lot number fields on the Edit Line window for that part. The user will not be able to save invoices without entering lot numbers.

Require DOT Number on Autoglass Parts

Auto Check All Precision Mouldings if required by NAGS - Select this option if you want all precision mouldings to be automatically checked and included when selecting a windshield during NAGS Lookup for an order.

Require Unrepairable Reason - Select this option to require employees to select an Unrepairable Reason when a replacement is preferred over a simple repair job.

Require Valid VIN Information - Select this option if you want the VIN field on the Customer {F6} window to require a valid VIN in order to save the order. Turning this option on will make the VIN field turn red and prevent you saving the order until corrections are made.

Warn if Existing Fleet Unit Number - Check this box to display a hyperlink alerting users that the same unit number has already been used on an order within the last sixty (60) days. Clicking on the hyperlink will open the Fleet Unit Lookup window, which displays any orders that have been saved with the same unit number.

Always Use Fast Cure Adhesive


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