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Security Setup for Users

Security Setup for Users

Use the following instructions to enter individual users into the system, assign them to specific branches, and assign them to specific groups with specific access rights and privileges.

See Security Overview before beginning this procedure.

1.        From the GlasPacLX menu bar, select Company, and then Security Users to open the Security User Finder.

2.        Select the Create a New User button to display the following User Maintenance window.

3.        In the User ID field, type an abbreviated and easily recognizable name for a user. For example, the user’s first name and the first initial of the user’s last name (e.g.; Kathy G) is a good way to identify the employee and ensure that employees with the same first name won’t be confused. If the field turns red, it is an indication that the name you entered already exists and that you need to enter a new one, as GlasPacLX will not accept duplicate names.

4.        In the User Name field, type the user’s full name (e.g.; Kathy Gates).

5.        In the Group field, use the drop-down menu to select the security group in which to include this user. If there are not enough security groups set up, you may have to create new ones.

6. Use the inactive checkbox to deactive a user's login.

Assigning Branches to Users: To assign branches to users, select the Assigned Branches button.

7.        Select the Save Changes button to exit.


Clear Password button

If a user forgot his or her password or if for any reason you wish a user to change passwords, bring up the User Maintenance window and select the Clear Password button. A confirming prompt is displayed to make sure you want to clear this user’s password. The user now can log in and enter “Password” at the password prompt, and then re-establish a new password.


Assigning Branches

Use the Branch – Assigned Users window to give this user security access to specific branches.

The Branch – Assigned Users window is accessed by selecting Setup > Security Users from the GlasPacLX menu bar. Then click the Assigned Users button to display the following window.


1.        From the User-Assigned Branches window, click the Add button to display the Branch Finder.

2.        Highlight the branch(es) and click the Assigned Branches button. The selected branch(es) will appear in the Branch – Assigned User window, as shown below.

Now this user has access rights across the board to any of the branches in this list.

3.        To delete branches, highlight the branch(es) and click the Delete button.

4.        When finished, click the Save button to return to the User Maintenance window.




Logging in for the First Time

Login to the appropriate branch.

Enter in the new users name on the User ID field and click on the change password button to the right.





Since this is a new user there is no Original Password. Leave this blank

Tab to the New Password field and enter in the New Password and Retype New Password in the next field.




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